Melinda Capp is a practicing artist based in Naarm/Melbourne Australia. Her work encompasses various disciplines including metalsmithing, sculpture and installation. Since 2015 Melinda has focused on experimenting with various metals to create art jewellery and small sculptures, sometimes incorporating other materials and found objects.

Melinda’s areas of exploration are seen through the lens of being an identical twin and like the patterning in finger prints and iris’s (expressions of difference in each twin), she is drawn to the unique patterns and forms in nature and the built environment. Melinda is also inspired by the replication of patterns in industrial structures, architectural details and surfaces in the urban area where she lives. These influences from the natural world and built environment come together in her work, creating organic hybrid forms and structures.

Melinda holds an honours degree in fine art majoring in sculpture from Monash University and an advanced diploma in jewellery and object design from Melbourne Polytechnic. She has exhibited nationally and internationally (including exhibitions at the Powerhouse Museum Sydney, Brenda May Gallery Sydney, Bundoora Homestead Melbourne, Counihan Gallery Melbourne, Deakin University galleries Melbourne/Geelong, Upstairs Flinders Lane Melbourne and the Escuela Activa de fotografia Gallery Cuernavaca Mexico). She has work in public and private collections and has been the recipient of and short listed for various awards, her work features in numerous publications.